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I am often asked, "what does a realtor do when selling my home?"

I can't answer for others, but below is how I go to work for you.

Exceptionally Stunning Photography

When I look at home listings,  I am naturally attracted to the ones with the best pictures.  If it looks like it came out of a movie, I want to see it in person.  I think this is the same for most people.  My job as your listing agent is to get you top dollar and to do that we need as many buyers walking through your home as possible.  Stunning photography is a major part of getting that foot traffic and that is why I make sure the pictures are perfect and taken at the best time of day in optimal weather.

This is also why I recommend sellers who will be listing their home in the winter months to contact me early so we can take some of the exterior pictures during the spring or summer months when the home is most photogenic.


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Home staging | Make it feel like home

I have found that when touring homes with buyers, I can usually tell within the first few minutes wether they like it or not.  When a home is empty it is hard to imagine what it would feel like to be lived in, and sometimes certain spaces can be really difficult to imagine the furniture arrangement.  Worse yet an unclean or cluttered home can dissuade a buyer immediately upon entry.

This is why I team up with award winning home stagers as well as cleaners and window washers to make sure your home looks it's absolute best for pictures and walk throughs.  Many homes, especially if lived in until closing, do not require full staging services, but often benefit from a professionals eye.  For this reason, I like to bring one of my favorite stagers with me to listing appointments for their recommendations.

Video | worth 10,000 pictures

I am not a professional producer, however I was roommates and best friends with one through college and we often went to movies and enjoyed critiquing the storyline, acting quality, and cinematography.  Since then I have studied film and have learned there is a dramatic difference between a typical listing video and something that creates emotions before ever walking through a home.

When listing your home, I work with extremely talented and visionary film makers to create something that not only shows how extraordinary your home is, but also tells a story.  I do this because a story, wether it be comedic or inspirational, reaches a much broader audience.  That audience is then much more likely to be interested in buying the home or passing along the video to friends and family

Social Media | The Modern Approach

Being born in 1990 makes me a millennial whether I grew up working hard on the farm or not.  The upside to being a millennial is my keen interest with technology and social media.  I have worked hard to build a brand around real estate and the North Idaho lifestyle that has become quite successful locally.  Over the past 28 days I have reached over 500,000 people with 2000 new followers from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia

Why does this matter to you?

302 million of 332 million Americans have social media accounts and more interestingly 45% of people over 65, 73% of people 50-54, and 81% of people aged 30-49 use it.

That's a pretty good audience to have your home in front of if you ask me.

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Website | #1 Search Engine

Growing up in Canada I did not have the opportunity to explore or grow friendships in the North Idaho area beyond family vacations.  When I finally got the opportunity to move here permanently, I found it hard to get connected with the local clubs, activities, and find the best restaurants.  There didn't seem to be any good online resources either so I decided to start my own website with links and reviews of all the best things in North Idaho.  A useful tool for anyone visiting, moving to the area, or even people that have lived here their whole lives.

Not only did this push me to explore and connect resulting in me becoming an area expert, it created a place where many people come for information and inevitably see your home listing in the real estate page of this website. Remember Google is the #1 most used search engine made up of websites.

All the traditional Marketing methods

Above are all the things that I do when working for you, above and beyond that of a traditional realtor.  Of course I also include all the traditional services as they are still a big part of marketing homes today and they include:

  • Listed on local MLS
  • Listed in all the online real estate websites such as Realtor, Zillow, Redfin, etc.
  • Listed at our Sherman Ave location right across the street from the CdA Resort
  • Open houses, yard signs, broker tours
  • Professional brochures and media

Finally the Best Brokerage around

  • core principles of service, education, kindness, friendship
  • One of the top selling brokerages around
  • represent a large portion of the luxury listings in the area
  • 212 4.9 star google reviews
  • team of experts with decades of local real estate experience
  • comfortable office building located conveniently on Northwest Blvd CdA
  • Downtown location right across from beach on Sherman ave to attract visitors.
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